Friday, July 10th, 2020
Welcome to my

I suppose this is where I tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a middle school science teacher near Dayton Ohio. What do I do when I'm not teaching you ask? Well, to be honest.... not a whole lot. I spend some time with friends, fix my truck when its broken (more often than not), run around with my dog (Gunner), and I enjoy anything relating to trains or WWII. Actually, trains in WWII is quite possibly the most interesting subject ever. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site. Take a look around.

Coolest Freeware Ever

I'll be honest. Some of the links on this page aren't exactly working. Dont click the "Pictures" link up top. It just isnt working yet. However if you want to see some pictures, I recomend using one of the 4 links to the right.

Some of the more recent stuff on my page is the "Links" section. I have included some absolute must-have free software that will amaze you. I'm not kidding, you'll probably find these things really helpful.
My Favorite Pics
These are some of my favorite shots all taken with my Cannon Digital PowerShot.
My Hobby Pics
Planes, Train, and Automobiles. All my interest pics are here.
My Travel Pics
Check out some of the places I've been.
Recent Pics
Most recent stuff is here. Usually last 1-2 months of pics.
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